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Diving services

Scuba diving services with PPK Plongée

PPK Plongée is a well known diving club in Bouillante with a team of professionals and enthusiasts. The PPK diving centre offers different scuba diving activities every day and for all levels.

Sea turtle Cousteau reserve

First dives and explorations

The PPK diving centre offers dives for all levels. Never tried scuba diving before? You’ve come to the right place to try it. The diving conditions in the Cousteau Reserve are always good. You won’t go deep and you will still see hundreds of fishes and corals. The only risk you take is to love it and try again.


For those with diving certifications, there are many diving sites for all levels and tastes. So whether it’s shallow or up to 60m, wrecks or drop offs, there is something for everyone.

The team also offers night dives on the Franjack wreck or the Kaye. If you have never done it, go for it! It’s a real treat.

PPK’s plus: The equipment is already on the boat, so you don’t have to carry anything.

You can choose what you want: a first dive, one or more dives or a snorkelling trip to start with? There’s plenty to choose from.

Scuba diving courses

In addition, all the club’s instructors are certified and can help you pass your certification. Children or adults, there is a course for everyone.

Your child is 8 years old or more? Offer him a “young diver” training with scuba in 3 levels:

  • Bronze Diver
  • Silver Diver
  • Gold Diver

For children, a parental authorisation is of course required for the baptism and a medical certificate for the training.

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Teenagers from 14 years of age can take their Level 1 diver certificate (PE20) which corresponds to the level that allows them to make supervised dives to a depth of 20 metres.

From the age of 16, your teenager can take the Level 2 diver certificate (PA20 + PE40). This level allows him/her to be autonomous up to 20 metres (only if he/she is of age) and to be supervised at 40 metres.

From the age of 18, you can take the level 3 diver certificate (PA60) which allows you to dive independently to a depth of 60 metres.

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The French Sport Code has also set up a number of qualifications for divers to be able to practice supervised or autonomous dives from 0 to 20 metres or from 0 to 40 metres. Thus, among the existing scuba diving offers, PPK Plongée Guadeloupe offers you to take the following courses:

  • “Supervised Diver 12m (PE12)” qualification
  • Qualification ” Supervised diver 40m (PE40)
  • Qualification ” Autonomous Diver 20m (PA20)
  • Qualification ” Autonomous Diver 40m (PA40).

Our instructors are also certified “SSI instructors” and offer SSI training and certification.

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Conditions for scuba diving

For exploration dives, no medical certificate is required. However, for adult courses, you will need a medical certificate of fitness to scuba dive, which can be issued by your general practitioner.

Note that for minors, this medical certificate must be issued by a FFESSM doctor, a hyperbaric doctor or a sports doctor.