Diving Stay Guadeloupe


Diving Stay Guadeloupe

Diving holidays in Guadeloupe with TiKaz a Voyaj

TiKaz a Voyaj offers you diving holidays with the PPK diving club. Whether it’s all inclusive or half board or just for a diving package to get certified over a few days, choose what suits you.

This offer is suitable for groups of 8 people or more.

Ti Kaz offers you, thanks to its different partners, the following packages.

All Inclusive Diving Stay

You don’t take care of anything. Book and we take care of the rest. We welcome groups of 8 divers or more and accommodation, meals, car rental and dives are included in the package. In more detail, here’s what an all inclusive stay at TiKaz a Voyaj includes:

  • Rental of one or more bungalows and/or the Karukera villa
  • Breakfast and dinner in one of our partner restaurants
  • Car rental at the airport
  • Diving equipment
  • 2 dives per day OR training
Dive in the Cousteau Reserve with PPK Plongée

Half board diving holiday

The half-board diving trip is almost the same as the previous package except that dinner is not included. However, you will have the contacts of our partner restaurants who will offer you interesting rates if you come from us. To summarise, the half-board package includes:

  • The rental of one or more of our accommodations (bungalows and/or villa)
  • Breakfast
  • Car rental at the airport
  • Diving equipment
  • 2 dives per day OR training

Dive stay without meals

Here you have more flexibility for meals. Would you like to discover all the restaurants on the island or simply concoct your own meals in the kitchenette of your terrace facing the sea? There is no need to take the package with meals. This package includes:

  • The rental of the accommodation
  • Car rental
  • Diving equipment
  • 2 dives per day

Why choose a diving holiday at TiKaz a Voyaj?

By offering you a diving holiday in Bouillante for 1 week, you will have the time either to discover the most beautiful dive sites of the Cousteau Reserve, or to pass the certifications that suit you and have everything on the spot. You don’t have to worry about anything and the trips will be tailor-made for your group. TiKaz a Voyaj is only 5 minutes away from PPK, and in terms of catering, everything is close by.

Thanks to the different group packages we offer, you can save money on dives and accommodation.

You will still have time to explore the rest of the island. The dives are usually in the morning so that the afternoons are free for hiking, discovering waterfalls and the beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe.